The Official INN Nerds Guide To ONA14

The INN Nerds team is excited to head up to Chicago next week for the 2014 Online News Association Conference. INN members are well represented at the conference this year so here's a convenient list of all the sessions featuring our members so you can turn out and support them. Continue Reading

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Party Time In A Widget

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting launched its Political Party Time series this week. It's powered in part by the Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time database which is displayed on their site using a custom widget. Here's how we built it. Continue Reading

An Internship In Review

Today wraps up my summer internship with INN. I started May 7, according to the folder of daily journals I started for this internship. That day, I wrote my job description: Improve documentation of Largo for end users and developers, Contribute to Project Largo, Contribute to member projects, Other duties as assigned. It's actually a pretty good summary of what I've done. Continue Reading