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Stealing the NPR App Template for Fun and (Non-)Profit

Last week, just in time for the election, we launched Power Players — a state-by-state exploration of campaign finance and top political donors across the country. It was a (mostly) painless experience but we learned some things along the way and wanted to share our experience to help others who might tackle this process in the future. Continue Reading

Batch Processing Data With WordPress via HTTP

For a recent project, we found ourselves in need of a way to verify the integrity of an entire site’s worth of posts after a mistake in the initial migration meant some of the posts in the database were truncated/cut-off. Our options were limited. Since our host (WP Engine) doesn’t offer shell access and we can’t connect directly to our database, we would have to write a script to accomplish via HTTP requests. Enter batchProcessHelper a class that provides ways to accomplish all of the above. Continue Reading


Unit Testing Themes and Plugins in WordPress

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been investigating the best way to incorporate a WordPress testing framework into our development process. With few developers out there writing tests for their plugins (and even fewer testing themes), we want to share our tribulations as we figure the process out. Fortunately, WordPress ships and supports a unit testing framework. Unfortunately, this framework is designed mainly for development on WordPress core and not directly for WordPress plugin and theme developers. However, with enough prodding, it is possible to write your own tests on top of this library. Continue Reading