An Internship In Review

Today wraps up my summer internship with INN. I started May 7, according to the folder of daily journals I started for this internship. That day, I wrote my job description: Improve documentation of Largo for end users and developers, Contribute to Project Largo, Contribute to member projects, Other duties as assigned. It's actually a pretty good summary of what I've done. Continue Reading

Responsive Tables

A few weeks back, I spent time researching how best to build responsive tables. Our requirements were pretty simple. We wanted the ability to load data from Google Drive, the ability to embed the tables using an iframe and a dead simple way of handling (re)publication. Of course, the other essential requirement for responsive tables is that they work well on a variety of devices. In my opinion, the best solutions to this problem transform your table into an easily scrollable list of data on smaller devices. Continue Reading